A Rough Guide to...

Box Hill (Ryka's Cafe)


Box Hill in Surrey is on the A24 just to the north of Dorking. It is shown on the Google map above as the red pin in the centre of the map.  You can move around the map above in real time by clicking and dragging to change the point of view. You can also zoom in and out and change the map type to a satellite image or hybrid satellite and map image. The smaller map to the top right of the main map shows a larger scale overview, which is can also be dragged. No excuse for not finding this place then!

It's a car park at the foot of Box Hill, where large numbers of Bikes congregate on warm sunny days.

Who goes there?

Lots of bikers turn up here, but the predominant sight is the "power ranger" on a big sports bike with colourful one piece leathers.


The cafe here is called Ryka's and they claim to sell "probably the best burgers in Surrey". A bold claim that I can neither confirm or deny. They sell a range of foods from snack bars to bacon sandwiches to full English breakfasts. There is not a lot of room in the cafe itself, but plenty of picnic tables outside.

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