R1200S Ventura rack

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R1200S Ventura rack

Postby f90x » Tue Feb 21, 2023 9:24 am

This is the rails, the grab handle and the ‘Evo Rack’ bag mount frame. It’s the original ‘one piece’ frame and not the new adjustable ‘one model fits all’ from Ventura.

Good clean used condition. I love this kit for bikes that won’t take a top box. I’ve also had them on my 1100S and my Griso. They’ve been brilliant for thousands of miles thrapping across Europe so I’m keeping the bag as I’m sure I’ll have a set on another bike in the future.

New prices are:
L brackets £125
Grab rail £25
Evo rack £90

£120 posted

Image597F7FF1-5DA4-46FC-9FBB-724A8294BDEC by . ., on Flickr

ImageF87904F2-E769-4571-8A10-34E6948FB10F by . ., on Flickr

Image25E65AB9-65B8-4427-B77A-2418E477F6E5 by . ., on Flickr

Image0E9CF528-1BE3-4030-BEB4-97A161FA042D by . ., on Flickr

Image7B2C3634-9AC1-4F40-8346-DFA6822C1673 by . ., on Flickr

Image14875BA6-2986-4F67-8F9D-54B8B12C06F9 by . ., on Flickr

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