R1100s vs 2008+ K12/300GT Which to buy?

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R1100s vs 2008+ K12/300GT Which to buy?

Postby Bajcpa » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:18 am

My current dilemma.
Five yearas ago I had a RWB boxer cup which I quite enjoyed but traded it on brand new 2013 R1200RT, being the last air cooled model.
I absolutely love the RT as it is GREAT bike. I also have a 2008 R1200GSA from new which is also a great bike. I’ve put 85000 on the GSA and 44000 on the RT. I mainly ride the BM’s especially the GSA as it is a cooler bike to ride in Australian weather.
I also putt around on a 06 GSX1400, 05 MT01, 01 speed triple and have a 996SPS on stands in the shed.
I feel I have a bit of a hankering for iconic bikes and am considering another BMW but cannot decide between a 03+ R1100S Dual Spark or a 2008+ K12/1300GT.
I’m pretty much across the range of problems each bike presents with the GT presenting the rather common and expensive gearbox/clutch replacement and the 1100S the output shaft spline drama (been there already).
Perhaps my biggest worry going back to the 1100S is the vibration from 4000 upwards.
I’ve had about eight years on the 1200 motors which are pretty smooth compared to the 1100 and I can distinctly remember the vibration on the boxer cup. I must say though I know the 1100s is VERY smooth up to 4000 and at my age (60) I tend to mostly stay on the speed limits unless way out of town.
Do you think I would find the 1100 a step backwards?
My reasons for wanting an 1100s - I really did enjoy riding the 1100 - I feel that 1100’s in good nick with low kms are going to hold their value or maybe even increase from here onwards - and I have always thought they were one of the best looking bikes ever. A slight reduction in power is of no concern to me. I’m looking at a 03 dual spark “sport” model.
My reason for looking at the GT is that they are supposed to be butter smooth, are a step along design wise, have heaps more grunt (though extra power is not a consideration) and would accomodate my preferred more upright riding position. As well, I have always liked the GT styling though I know many do not. Not so sure the GT’s will hold their value as they are expensive to repair and maintain.
Price wise I’m looking at about $7000 to $8000 Aussie dollars which would basically buy either with an additional $2000 premium for the K1300GT.
What are your thoughts?
Especially from those who have had both bikes.

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Re: R1100s vs 2008+ K12/300GT Which to buy?

Postby Neil178 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:46 pm

A nice dilemma to mull over with several cold beers.
I had the K1300S but sold it before jail time as it proved I have no self control.
The GT must be superior to the 1100 in every aspect. Power, range, comfort, yada yada ....
But it ain’t a Boxer S. the character, sound, looks, what else?
It’s head over heart I think.
You can get an upright sitting position on the 1100 with a handle bar conversion and foot peg lowering kit.
You have already made your mind up, you just don’t know it!

PS. Where are the photos? :wink:

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Re: R1100s vs 2008+ K12/300GT Which to buy?

Postby slparry » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:40 am

I have a Boxercup and a K1200GT and love both, for different reasons.

As you say the K is immensely powerful, I like the fact that it looks like a big tourer to those who don't know much about them, but is actually a rocketship of a bike. Very comfortable, I've done 1000 mile days on mine while diving deep into France a few years ago. The duolever front end (stolen from Norman Hossack once the patent had run out) works very well. My time with the K has been torrid at times tho' as I've had more than my share of warranty claims on it. I genuinely wouldn't own one without extended warranty. They're a complex beast with a lot of sensors etc. But my God they go like a scalded cat and always feel the road isn't big enough for them :D The panniers are a good size. With a little restraint, say on tour with a group, the fuel economy is great, mine is usually between the mid 50's to 67. Range is anything from 200 to 270 ish.

The 'cup I find great fun, I love its tallish gearing and the way it lopes along in top gear, I find 80 to 90 the sweet spot, the telelever front makes the handling of the bike. They're incredibly stable, the steering I find on the slow side, but I prefer that to nervous and twitchy. If fitted with the panniers you'll get similar capacity to the GT. Fuel economy is around mid 40's to 50 on mine. Comfort is not to the same level as the K by a long chalk.

Brakes on both are fantastic. My 'Cup doesn't have ABS, the brakes on the GT are ABS and linked so when you use the front brake it applies the rear too.

Clocks are clear on both. The K's dash lighting is controlled by the ambient lighting, when it's bright sunshine the dash isn't lit but pass into a tunnel or travel at night and they glow a warming reddish hue.

Clutch on the K is a wet clutch, and is a bit heavy, cured by fitting an Oberon slave cylinder. On the 11S it's a dry clutch of course.

Gearbox on both can be a bit clunky but works well enough.


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Re: R1100s vs 2008+ K12/300GT Which to buy?

Postby Mitch1100 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:48 pm

Get an R1200s :wink:
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