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Re: R1100S

Postby Pete. » Fri Sep 29, 2023 9:28 am

Well, the fork seal might hve been stuck to the leg from being standing a while. Either way, fork seals on these are easy as pie to change. If you pull the dust cover and find rus underneath, change the seal and the dust cover together.

Oil from the final drive could be (most likely is) the gearbox output shaft seal. These can be changed without removing the gearbox, using a special tapered thread tool, you have to remove the swing-arm (or entire rear end along with the frame from the engine) to do it.

The oil under the gearbox is going to be one of the gearbox seals and will probable have contaminated your clutch. This is a big job to sort out as it involves removing and stripping down the gearbox which means removing the entire rea of the bike from the engine. I made a simpe stand to allow this which bolts to the M8 tapped holes on the underside of the engine casings.

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Re: R1100S

Postby neilbaker99 » Fri Sep 29, 2023 9:44 am

Hi Pete,
This is a message I’ve received from a guy in America non fb.
I’m going to remove the starter and have a look inside to see if it’s dry, then I’ll pull the slave cylinder. I suspect the SC won’t be leaking, but gearbox seal may have been damaged by contamination from a previous SC failure.
I just need to find time to do it :cry:
“Neil ... found your message on your fb page ... but it didn't come through into mine.

-- It looks like two issues.
-- First, it is not unusual for the for there to be a tiny leak of oil at the FD's rubber boot that may have been accumulating for years, and is finally accumulated enough to show. And hopefully that is problem.
-- So, pull back that boot, and clean it out as dry as possible with rags and paper towels. Then put the boot back into place. Ride the bike for 500 miles or so, and pull the boot back again to check.
-- If there's little-to-no oil in there, then just plan on cleaning it every 6,000 miles or so.
-- But if the leak is evident, then you'll have to remove the FD, to get it resealed.
The leak could be comming down from the transmission's output shaft. And in that case, the swing arm would have to be removed in order to replace that seal ( but the transmission can remain in the bike). A special seal install tool for that specific seal is required.

2. -- If the Slave Cylinder is not an OEM MAGURA SC, then I'd replace it ...

-- When you pull it out, you'll be able to tell if it has been leaking or not -- and that will tell you how in depth you may need to ho next.

-- Oil under the bike can be from numerous areas ... but the mist common would be from a leaking clutch Slave Cylinder ... and it may have compromised the seals of the transmission's input shaft ... and the leak may be gear oil, or DOT4 or a combination.

-- I have seen engine oil leaks from the crankshaft's rear main seal ... but those are rare. The Slave Cylinder and/or transmission are much more likely.

-- You can easily remove the starter and look into the flywheel/clutch area. It should be black & filthy (very normal) ... but it should be dry. If it is wet or oily ... then the transmission will have to come out to determine exactly 'which' seal is leaking ... and fix that.”

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