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Two new additions

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:15 pm
by SP250
Two more additions to the garage.
Well, one in the garage and one in the conservatory 'cause there was no more space in the garage.

As it is nigh on impossible to add pics on this forum, Mr Parry has kindly agreed to do it for me.

( It's not John, SP ;) )

So pics will follow. (pics now below SP)

A Montesa MH349 trials bike to fuel my new addiction and have a go at learning a new sport once my leg is fixed.
Came at the right price and with 90% of a spare engine as well. Got to start somewhere.

And my unique (well no5 of a limited production of 5) full carbon race chassis which I have owned for 20 years but it has been stored down south and can no longer be kept there. I have a big single to fit in it so 110kg with 78 bhp should be a whole lot of fun. Superbike power to weight and it will out handle, brake and corner anything on the road or track. Maybe not with me on it, as I'm too old for sticking my neck out, but we may have some fun anyway. One of the 5 was built up with a Suzuki Gamma square four two stroke into a road bike. Three were sound of singles racers with Rotax single and twin cam engines and mine which was never built up into a bike.

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Re: Two new additions

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:34 am
by BoxerCup R
You can never have too many bikes :D

Just you be careful on that Montessa John and very much looking forward to seeing the pics of the carbon chassis :wink: , is it a winter project or longer term than that ?

Re: Two new additions

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 4:10 pm
by SP250
Well, I think it is going to be a longer job than this winter John.

I'll try to get some in-focus pics with the tank cover and seat on and post them as it looks a bit off as it stands.
Working on how to put my Ohlins rear shock on it, as it was too expensive to convert for the R11S.
If I keep the linkage ratio the same as the GSXR1000RR at 2.5:1 (fully adjustable on the race chassis) then it should be ok with the shim stack that's in it. Lower the top mount by 20mm and extend the bottom rose joint mounting by 30mm and we're in business.

The Paioli on the carbon bike might find its way onto the F650 Funduro or the F800 ST as it is only a single adjustment shock.