Winter Rides

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Winter Rides

Postby The Teutonic Tangerine » Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:23 am

So the bike press seem to think Riding is confined to a "Season". Our Club (look us up on Facebook) Dengie100MCC. Does not have a season. we have had some cracking rides since Christmas including 10 of out yesterday for a ride from Maldon in Essex to Krazy horse t Bury St Edminds. Check out those custom builds, Nortons and MV's.

The Turismo Veloce is a beautifully sculptured piece of motorcycle.

Round trip about 150 miles, wet and muddy roads country lanes etc all taken a brisk pace with no slips slides or incidents (tyres are awesome when you trust them) and back in time to hose down and dry the bike before the rain set in.

Ooops sorry there was one casualty - Graham's CB500 (Y reg and 41k miles) that he uses when he's carrying out his role as an observer (instructor) for EAMG . One fork seal blown - oil all over the show - so he'll be a busy boy this week.

We all had a cracking ride out with good food and coffee at Krazy Horse so lets have less talk about seasons especially south of Watford Gap we've had 5 rides out since Christmas never less than 6 bikes.

Crack on and enjoy.
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