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My Route App

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:57 am
by The Teutonic Tangerine
I may be late to the party and everyone else is using this already - but I recently changed my PC based route planner to the Web Based My RouteApp (Gold) Cost about €72 for three years.

I use TomTom 410 on the bike but find route planning so much easier on the Laptop. With this APP you can use Google Maps, Street map or TomTom Maps - If you use TomTom maps they will exactly match the one in your TomTom Sat nav' so no more dodgy way points. It also allows you to go to street view to check out the road you think you might use to see if its suitable. (I lead a lot of Club rides and have to make sure I don't take them down too many roads with grass in teh middle :D ). Also while you are planning its easy to switch between maps to find details on the ground like cafes and garages etc. If you are riding in a group and other members have TOM Toms and also the app its easy to share routes as its all web based. Also you get a choice of what type of file you want to save the route as - I prefer .GPX as it saves the route as a track rather than a series of way points and you can "Bluetooth" .GPX files from the 410 to other TomToms.

As I say I may be late to the party and you are already using it - It also has a phone app but I find that too small to be really useful.

Re: My Route App

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:38 am
by popsky
Been using it for a couple of years since it progressed from the previous incarnation which the name has slipped my memory, I’d persevere with the mobile app, I’m always plotting some route or other on my iPhone then open on the computer and there it is ready to complete for your nav. I believe you can download the chosen route via Bluetooth with TomTom which if using the Mobile app would be great for route adjustments out on the bike, I must say I absolutely love this tool and now I know that I need to upload the route to my Garmin 390 using old garmin 1.0 it works perfectly.
And I was fortunate in that as I’d paid a small subscription to the old planner I got a great deal on this, €75 for lifetime gold membership. :mrgreen:

Re: My Route App

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:40 pm
by The Teutonic Tangerine
Previous incarnation was Tyre to Travel sadly I only had the freebie version which is now just about impossible to use as you need an API key from Google Maps. Every time I tried to get the key the Google website fell over (accidentally on purpose I expect).

Anyhoo I can now slack off and plan routes at lunch time at work and then upload then onto my TomTom when I get home :bounce:

Re: My Route App

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:18 pm
by popsky
You’ll probably have done it but just in case if your riding buddies are your friends on the app then you can share the route with them and all follow the nav, I’d want to check the TomTom with Here maps etc to make sure there’s no anomalies

Re: My Route App

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:20 pm
by popsky
Tyre to Travel that’s the one, wasn’t too bad to use but nowhere as good or easy as MyRouteApp

Re: My Route App

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:04 pm
by Neil178
You’re well ahead of me to the party TT.
I have played around with MyRoutes on the phone and it’s pretty good but I haven’t used it in anger yet. Mostly because I haven’t a scooby htf you get it to the google map part of the phone.
On the ferry to Rotterdam recently I realised that the chip for Europe was still in my kitchen and not installed in my ancient Zumo 400. Aggghhh! After a minor moment of panic it was ‘plan B’ which meant using good old google maps on my iPhone.
I have recently fitted a Sena 10C camera to my hat. It has speakers with Bluetooth.
What a godsend. Absolutely terrific. Having the instructions spoken to me meant I didn’t have to look at the screen (difficult in bright sunshine) and I just followed the spoken instructions which matched the road signs perfectly. It was also a lot safer so I didn’t have to look away from the road at all.
To be honest, if I was using the Zumo then I’m certain that I would’ve missed many turns, cocked up something and got lost, adding time to my journey.
I was worried about the amount of my limited data it would use, but it wasn’t too bad.
Although putting in a destination won’t necessarily give you the roads you want to take, putting in a few en-route places will soon get you the route you want.
If it ever stops raining my next ride out will see me trying waze so I can compare it to google. Certainly the Zumo is outdated and it’s future use will be as a paperweight.

TL:DR get satnav Bluetooth to helmet speakers.

Re: My Route App

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 9:15 am
by The Teutonic Tangerine
Neil 178 I always use the Bluetooth instruction especially when abroad. Too many other things too look at riding on the wrong side if the road for a start :D

TIP: If connecting a Tom Tom (for directions) and an Iphone (for music) to your B.tooth Connect headset the Sat Nav first then connect the phone. The Sat Nav will then pause the music while it directs you then the music will start again. Connect the phone first and the Sat nav will cut off your music and you'll have to manually start it again