Best Universal Grit Grime & Effluent Remover

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Best Universal Grit Grime & Effluent Remover

Postby JamesL » Thu Jul 13, 2023 9:20 am

AKA the Handier Household Help (Fred Wedlock)...

I'm on an extended bike stroking session on the GS, part of which was to remove the collector box & tail pipe. Predictably the rear exhaust clamp was corroded on tight and I ended up taking the whole lot off in a oner, then liberally applying Plus Gas and the mashie hammer. To no avail.

On the previous Blue Bike I sawed off the OE clamp and replaced with a Keihan one, but this time I'd like to keep the heat shield bit and at £70 SH and £150 new for the OE version I thought I'd persevere...

I'm not a great one for heat, but I found rave reviews for this product:

To my astonishment it seems to have worked... It's yellow and foamy (like nitric acid :D ) and does indeed seem to creep into and break the corrosion bond, and with only a very gentle persuasion from Mr Mashie, I now have front box, OE clamp and rear pipe all apart. TBH it's worth buying a can simply for the artwork - 'Proudly made in the Rust Belt'... Interesting how the Americans seem so good at this sort of innovation (eg Plus Gas, WD-40, ACF-50) while others seem to produce so little?

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