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Postby Dids » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:57 pm

I've just recently bought an R1200ST, nice bike........... :)

While it at first sight appears to be in good nick, it's a different story when you remove the tupperware.
Previous owner(s) have obviously ridden it on salty roads and hosed down the bike afterwards, forgetting the bits under the fairing.
It's the black tubular frame parts that are worst affected.

I'd like to do something about it, just to stop the rot. I don't want to make a big project out of it though.
Thinking of maybe scraping away the rust and squirting on the miracle ACF-50, maybe that would be enough?
When I Googled I saw that some people recommend painting it over with Hammerite paint - heard about the stuff but have never used it.

Just wondered if anyone has some sage advice?


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Re: ruSTy

Postby Blackal » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:20 pm

Re-read your post - you are talking about ‘corrosion’ of the alloy?

That being the case - give it a light rub down, clean with acetone - and either use ACF-50 or a hard cavity-wax.

If you have any corrosion of the rear sub-frame, it wouldn’t be too hard to hang up the loom and remove the frame for re-painting.

Good luck with it.
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Re: ruSTy

Postby milleplod » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:51 pm

If it's just the black-painted tubes, then black Smoothrite (not Hammerite, but made by the same folk) is a just-about-perfect match. Brushed on carefully to avoid 'sagging', it'll do the job nicely. My ST had one small area of corrosion on the engine front cover - I rubbed it down, and a single application of black Smoothrite still looked good (so good, it was barely visible) 6 years later.

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Re: ruSTy

Postby The Teutonic Tangerine » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:20 pm

Note of caution: Removing the rear sub frame is not a doddle getting it un-threaded from the brake pipes (which the Haynes manual tells you to take off thereby giving you another headache when you put them back on [bleeding] especially if you have ABS and servo brakes. So think before you rush into removing Rear sub frame - ask yourself can I repaint it in situ after taking off the bodywork - bearing in mind you are not looking to do a full concourse restoration
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Re: ruSTy

Postby Dids » Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:47 pm

Many thanks for all your very useful tips.
Sorry for the late reply - I've been away.

Things I've learned are:

* The Sub Frame is (fairly easily) removable so, if I was keen, i could remove it, paint it & replace.
* Hammerite Smoothrite is the thing to use on black painted frame tubes rather than regular Hammerite.
* Hammerite Smoothrite will also work on areas that get hot, like the front engine cover.

I think what I'll do, this weekend, is take off all the plastic & paint all the bits of the sub frame I can see.
Once it's all dried I'll then give the whole bike a misting with ACF-50

There are a couple of areas on the alloy which have started to lose their lacquer - starting to bubble & flake off.
There's a section on the rocker cover & also the rear rack and one wheel.
I've seen repairs done which seem to involve painting on some silvery compound - wonder if this might be Hammerite too?

Cheers & thanks again................ :)

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