Why K and N?

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Why K and N?

Postby boxerscott » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:04 pm

Ok, I recently bought a new Hiflofiltro air cleaner for my gixxer as a matter of course and peace of mind. When I removed the existing one, K and N spotlessly clean I was thinking to myself I wished I had looked before buying, however all was not lost, I noticed the filter gasket and air box top cover gaskets were missing. Another £28 of boxerscotts hard earned tossed into the well of nonsense. This left me thinking why on earth fit an (allegedly) upgrade air cleaner and then not make sure the air box and intake has complete integrity of incoming Air and induction of it? Then I pondered why FFS oil an air filter/ Cos the filter man wants to flog you an add on sale for a cleaner and surfactant. So for sale 1 very clean K and N air cleaner for a GSXR 750K5 They are brilliant (by others accounts) you will also need a cleaner (warm soapy water will do) and an oil such as Turpentine instead of the expensive magic bottles K and N will sell you. K and N probably good filters but good value for money? I think there exists better out there.

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Re: Why K and N?

Postby adam » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:07 pm

I've seen a brand new standard paper filter flow slightly more air than a K+N on a flow bench, so people wanting every extra little pony out of their motor should just keep replacing the standard one :lol: I've used oiled fabric filters on my dirt bikes and found that tacky chainsaw bar oil (costing pennies) works just as well as the very expensive K+N filter oil.

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