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Oil light and Speedometer problems.

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:58 pm
by nab 301
Recently after cleaning ( no pressure washer) my '99 1100s which is currently used infrequently but in all weathers , I took it for a spin just to dry it out before garaging it.
I noticed that the speedo had stopped working ... bugger, that 'll be the connector under the r/h rear panel I thought. Stripped off the panels but all was in order ( apart from the rear brake light connector which needed some tlc but was functioning ok.) It was the classic symptoms ( I think ) of intermittent / jumping speedo needle when spinning the wheel by hand.
I ran out of time for fault finding but then noticed that with the ignition off ,the oil light was glowing at about half its normal intensity . The light functioned normally with the ignition on and extinguished when the engine was started.
Removing the wire from the switch extinguished the glowing light I presume excluding a shorted wire at least near the switch, but where is it drawing current from with the ignition off? And is it water related?
The only wiring diagram I have is Haynes and there appears to be a link from the speedo warning lights ,/charging light ( obviously I guess) to the alternator, could it be a diode in the alternator/ rectifier ? I have a spare alternator if necessary.
The charging system seems to be charging ok.
Needless to say the bike remained in the garage for over a week and the problem has currently resolved itself...
Any ideas please ?

Re: Oil light and Speedometer problems.

Posted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:12 am
by Hay Ewe^
If its like the GS (probably) then the wires in the loom are often done up really tight by zip ties at the frame near the head stock.
They can get tight and wear, and get a short.
general word is to cut the zip ties and replace with others not done up so tight.

I do have an 1100S but the looms in that area were loose when I got it (not dangly and loose, just not cinched up tight)

Yours cured itself as it dried out, or the loom got a better connection.
I dont think there is a relationship between washing and the electrical lights coming on - could be, but probably not

Re: Oil light and Speedometer problems.

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:17 pm
by nab 301
Thanks for the reply , I've found some corrosion on the blue connector terminal that connects the speedo to the R/h electrical box and I'll have a good look around the loom below the bars. Unrelated , I realised I hadn't inspected the alternator belt in a long time ... ( 50k miles to be exact :oops: ) so I have the rather shredded belt to replace along with 2 M5 screws that sheared on removal of the cover.

Re: Oil light and Speedometer problems.

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:54 pm
by nab 301
Finally got this back together but other than the above mentioned corrosion on the blue connector block nothing found . The rear brake light connector in the same area as the speedo connector was corroded badly so I repaired this , but the speedo connector was ok .
Charging rate on re checking was on the low side (13.8 ish volts)and starting had been a bit sluggish of late , so I swopped the starter motor for a spare which seemed to improve things and I was going to take a chance and replace the voltage reg but ended up leaving the alternator into a local auto elecrical repair shop for testing and they replaced it for me...
Charging rate now much better!
I've covered a couple of hundred miles now in mainly wet weather and so far so good!
After 5 odd weeks off the road I had been thinking about making do with the smaller bikes in my collection , but while they're great in the economy stakes and for general commuting there's nothing to beat the grunt of a large capacity twin and telelever handling.