R1100S- It just cut out

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R1100S- It just cut out

Postby KTM AL » Sun Jan 05, 2020 9:24 am

Hi All
My bike hasn't been out for a while, and over Christmas I fitted a new battery, fitted upgrade Bosch injectors and an oil / filter change,
I went out for a quick spin , after about 10miles the bike cut out for just a split second whilst overtaking a car, ran ok for another mile and did the same again with a little back fire. Not sure if I hit a bump at the same time, as it is quite exciting when the bike cuts out and tries to pitch you over the bars at speed.
The bike ran fine afterwards with experimenting with giving it some stick or just trundling about in top.
It felt like the ignition was switched off so I an going to check the side stand switch first . I did have a quick search on here , so if anyone has had this and solved it please tell me.

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Re: R1100S- It just cut out

Postby nab 301 » Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:54 pm

I have read your other post too , and in that one you mention the bike has low miles which should eliminate corroded connectors and the like but it's a difficult one to diagnose ..
When the bike cut out did you happen to notice if the speedo / rev counter stopped working ? ( Hall sensor failure) warning lights ? Its either no fuel or no spark. Fuel Pump failure or no fuel pressure will kill the engine immediately just like ignition failure.
With the " back fire" you'd assume it is unburnt fuel igniting, suggesting ignition failure like it might if you flipped the kill switch on/off.
Back track to what you've worked on recently , did you have the tank off ? if so is the pump electrical connector making good contact / pushed together firmly? Otherwise if the problem remains erratic you'll have to methodically work through any electrical connections I guess including the ignition switch.

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Re: R1100S- It just cut out

Postby KTM AL » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:52 pm

Hi Thanks for your reply.
I must admit I didn't notice the speedo & rev counter at the time.
I didn't have the tank right off, but hinged up enough to get the battery out. I run the bike in gear on the paddock stand and tried the side stand but nothing until nearly completely down also wiggled all the cables to hand.
I will take the bodywork and tank off to check every connector. I normally do that when servicing anyway and I have always found the connections very clean.
The bike did take a while to fire up which was unusual.
I'll report back in a couple of days ...

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Re: R1100S- It just cut out

Postby The Teutonic Tangerine » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:58 pm

only happened to me twice both on Hondas.

managed to hit the kill switch on a CB200 (you have checked this I assume :oops: )

And the second time a CB360 it was the earth strap came off the Battery :oops:

As you can tell from the bikes it was a while ago :D
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