Tyre pressure warnings on dash.

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Tyre pressure warnings on dash.

Postby boxerscott » Tue Sep 12, 2023 10:49 pm

Peoples be aware, from my experiences, the valve stems on newer bmw wheels are not friendly with certain compressor air line unions, they will in fact deflate your tyre rather than inflate. The valve stem does not allow full encapsulation and seal of the standard air line union. I first noticed this when i successfully deflated a rear at an M1 service area. Today a mechanic at a good MOT station also successfully managed to deflate a rear tyre on my 1250 r that was triggering a dash alarm . I thought that my first experience was down to a poorly maintained air line but today's experience illuminated a heads up to carry with oneself a valve stem extension valve. These can be had as flexis with a right angle union for vertical valve stems or rigid for a horizontal valve stem. It will save a doubt filled ride with a dash flashing an angry order to stop immediately!!

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