MoniMoto GPS tracker & alarm

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MoniMoto GPS tracker & alarm

Postby Paul » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:45 pm

With Motorcycle theft on the rise, a "friend" of mine, who has a weakness for buying gadgets, has just bought and fitted a MoniMoto GPS tracker and alarm to his bike. The device is battery powered and so does not need to be plumbed into a power supply or any other bike related wiring. It's small enough to securely hide somewhere on the bike, and it works in tandem with a small key fob, that "my friend" needs to carry when he uses the bike.

The way it operates is that the tracker sits in a sleep mode, preserving battery power, until it detects motion of the bike. When it detects motion, it looks for a signal from the key fob, which it will receive if the fob is less than 10 metres away. If it detects the presence of the fob near by, it assumes all is well and goes back to sleep. If it doesn't detect the fob, it assumes the bike is being stolen, so it calls my friend's mobile 'phone to alert him that the bike is moving. In addition, it starts taking GPS position readings every 30 seconds and sends those to the MoniMoto app on his phone, so he knows where the bike currently is. The 'phone app, also communicates with the fob and tracker device on a regular basis, to warn you if the battery on either unit needs replacing soon.

The joy of this is, he has greater peace of mind, since he knows he'll get a phone call as soon as somebody other than him moves the bike, and it will keep reporting it's position to him while it's on the move. If/when he changes his bike, he simply needs to remove the tracker unit from the old bike and fit it to the new bike.

full details at Well worth a look IMHO, especially if you live in, or commute into, the badlands of that London.


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Re: MoniMoto GPS tracker & alarm

Postby sjrainsford » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:54 am

I've fitted alarms to my last few bikes, but have never been bothered with them. From my angle I tend to only use my scoots for weekend ride outs. But that device would work well for me as it's easy to swap from one bike to another and great peace of mind when I leave the bike outside a cafe, or to go for a walk around a town.

Definitely worth considering.
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