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Want to share something

Postby boxerscott » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:00 am

Lads, recently a young man known to us was involved in a tragic incident. His pillion partner and long time girlfriend died after being separated from the motorcycle he was riding. Her funeral is next week. We only saw them picnicking in the park a week earlier. The young man is the son of some biker friends in Jed. The fall out from this is immense in a small community such as ours. Both sets of parents must be severely anguished by this. The young man .. well who would want to be in his shoes? lost the love of his life, remorse? will be the focus of a police investigation, The parents ? who would want to be in their shoes?. One thing is clear they were long time partners and loved each other.

The bonnie lassie expired from a broken neck. In some respects this may be seen as fortunate as having survived that probably would have meant a C1 severation at brain stem = 24 hr care.

She fell badly, your accidents, my accidents well we got away with it. She was unlucky.

This brought back to us our eldest daughters incident when she was deprived of 1/3rd of her lower body control. We both have had simultaneously restless nights knowing what both sets of parents are going through. For the young man ? OMG.

Has this put me off going out on my bike? No. Has it made me think about this type of incident happening to us and the fall out.. Yes it has.
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Re: Want to share something

Postby GerryB » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:27 am

Oh my goodness !!!

The poor families ...

Please guys , when you are out there , try and think when you ride ....

I see chaps daily riding , and the sort of things they are doing , should only ever be done on a race track, no traffic, good surface, the best medics to pick you up .....

Use your heads and don't let your enthusiasm take over common sense .

I was a cop , I've attended too many RTAs , fatalities .....
Old man ... now .
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Re: Want to share something

Postby Neil178 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:00 pm

I wasn’t expecting that Chris. It is very sad to read and I’m sure that everybody’s heart goes out to the families.

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Re: Want to share something

Postby slparry » Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:09 pm

Horrible to read, but .... and of course there would be a but .... the closer the bone the sweeter the meat..... living near the edge is when you're truly alive.

As we age we mitigate those risks but still seek them where and when we can. This young lads pain I feel, a mates girlfriend died in similar situation in the 80's... he and her had just announced their plans to marry with me as best man and my girlfriend as maid of honour, then 30 mins later she was dead.

I've ridden for 45 years, have achieved a million miles or so, lost a brother on a bike I gave him. Lost many customers over the years but .... again the but ..... 99% of the time motorbikes have been a panacea .... a soothing balm to everyday torture, an escape when the world gets too much.

My heart bleeds for the families concerned and for the lad. Loss is tragic and beyond "sad" but (again with the but) we're adults, we take our chances and enjoy our risks... selfish at times so they maybe
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Re: Want to share something

Postby boxerscott » Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:05 pm

Very eloquently put Steve. The funeral is tomorrow. That will be a moving on point for the laddie and families. There is a possibility of a police prosecution, no alcohol involved I may add. Incident occurred at 3.40am on a roundabout. His mum is doing a vigil on him, she is signed off. His remorse is immense and there is a fear that he will do himself in. A police prosecution may be a good thing in some respects as he can then take the blame and people will move on. Living with a sense of guilt can put moral minded people in tilt mode at some point in their lives.

So when we all moan about the shit in our daily lives then lets consider ourselves lucky that we do not wake up to this hoping it was just a bad dream. As we did and countless others are doing. let`s be focussed out there. Enjoy the ride.

You`ll never watch your life slide out of view? then drink and dance and .... :)

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Re: Want to share something

Postby BoxerCup R » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:51 am

Now then

Very sad Chris, I will take a moment today to think about everyone concerned and hope the funeral is a fitting tribute to the poor young woman. I can't even pretend to imagine the pain and heartache all directly involved are experiencing or people like you and your wife who have tough memories resurrected by incidents such as these.

We all know it could happen to anyone of us so lets enjoy the time we have to ride.
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