Confession time.

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Confession time.

Postby MickB » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:14 pm

After a fairly large accident in 2017, the following year I thought I'd buy something that I'd long wanted ie a 12s in order to get back to riding. Found a nice one on the forum and duly collected it. All well and good but the damage sustained meant, that apart from the odd short outing, it sat for the better part of 12 months collecting dust in the garage. This is somewhat embarrassing hence the confession title for the thread. Time is most definitely a healer and 200 miles over the past weekend around Hawes proved to be more that satisfactory.

This is a good thing as in August I'm off to Moldova for a look see with a mate on an 1100s. Fortunately I had a a large service last year alternator belt, all fluids, new drive shaft gaiter etc so in that respect its all good to go. Heli bars are in the process of being fitted, likewise luggage from BMW and the OEM levers, the Pazzo shorties that came with the bike are not for me. New tyres await with a friend in the Czech Republic as does some fresh oil. Interestingly my insurance company asked for a further £50 to extend my cover to include Moldova. The route id through France/Belgium and into Germany. Then stay for few days in czech for the aforementioned tyres and oil. Put the bike on the train in Prague to go overnight to the Slovakian border then a little slice of Hungary, Romania and onto Moldova where there is a friendly house waiting. Next leg is down to the Black Sea in the Ukraine and then returning through Romania and the Trans Fagarasan road and then returning to CZ to drink more beer and hopefully congratulate ourselves on a cracking trip.

However having read about various immobiliser failures and EWS problems, not sure what that is, is there anything I can do before I leave to prevent me being stranded in what would inevitably be the furthest distance away from home. FYI there is no alarm fitted.

Someone has also recently mentioned carrying a spare set of coils, coming from Jap bikes this sounds a bit extreme. Are these a recognised weak point?

As always your collective wisdom is appreciated.

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Re: Confession time.

Postby Humbug » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:33 pm

Just returned from 2500m trip on the 12s with no issues at all and the bike has now clocked up 97,500m. I took an alternator belt with me but thats about it. I have had to replace one coil in all of the miles so I don't think that they are a major issue although there are stories on all boxer forums of failed coils so maybe I am lucky?
The engines are generally great and you have covered your bases well so enjoy the trip, take decent breakdown insurance and relax.
My mate did everything in preparation for the trip on his Tiger 1050 and then got knocked off by a blind frenchman on our first day causing a fair bit of cosmetic to the bike and twisting the forks in their yokes! Go figure. Like I say, mine was faultless for the trip and great fun in the Pyrenees. Enjoy the ride and pics on your return please.

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Re: Confession time.

Postby milleplod » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:10 am

Whenever I go out of the UK, which admittedly isn't often these days, I carry a few bits and pieces on the bike, mainly because I can't bear the thought of having to pay main dealer prices to get me rolling again should I break down. A fan belt's a good idea, as Humbug says, and I always carry one main coil and one of each lower ones, £30 or less used (£115/£90 each new) - I've had a main and a lower go on my previous 1200ST, and as they're so easy to change, I reckon it's good practice to carry spares. Some people have never had issues with them, I'd rather play it safe! I also carry a spare fuel pump controller, another part that's been known to fail - I picked up a used one for £30 (£175 new), it's a simple enough fix at the roadside. You could give the rear drive unit a service and once-over before departure - changing its oil and checking for any play is always worthwhile.

EWS is 'Elektronische Wegfahr Sperre', it's the ring around where the ignition key goes and it 'reads' the key before powering the bike up. I think BMW recalled a lot of bikes to fit an upgraded part, it might be worth giving a dealer a call with your VIN no. just to see if it was ever done, and if there are any other outstanding recalls.

Hope you enjoy the trip! :)

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Re: Confession time.

Postby Grip Fast » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:23 pm

Nothing to add to the good advice given so far. I didn't take any spares, apart from mandatory light bulb set, on my tours into Europe - guess I got away with it.

Go safely and have a great trip. It sounds like a brilliant adventure you have planned.

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