R1100s 1999 NOx figure

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R1100s 1999 NOx figure

Postby Bogarab » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:55 pm

Hi All

Those lovely people at the ULEZ have issued me with a fine. I contacted BMW but they stated they do not keep these figures pre 2002. I have searched this site but the advice / posts is for later bikes. Surely the earlier models fall below the <0.15kg limit ? Any help evidence appreciated. Maybe someone has these figures.


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Re: R1100s 1999 NOx figure

Postby Dids » Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:51 pm


Just seen your post.

ULEZ has been a bit of a nightmare for me too.
I've a 2003 R1150RS which at first was given the all clear by TfL.
Then, 6 months or so before implementation of ULEZ TfL changed their minds and decided it wasn't compliant after all.
So I went out and bought a 2007 R1200ST - any bike registered after July 2007 meets Euro 3 standards and therefore will definitely be OK for ULEZ.
A couple of days after I'd bought the R1200ST I found out that TfL had changed their minds (yet again!!) and would now consider the R1150RS compliant on receipt of a confirmatory letter from BMW.
I've got two lovely BMW sports tourers now........

My understanding is that London Mayor Sadiq Khan decided to set himself up as an Eco superhero and bring in ULEZ 18 months earlier than his predecessor Boris Johnson.
All well and good....
Speeding up the introduction of ULEZ made it all a bit chaotic - as I found to my expense.

What you might like to do is to take your bike here:

Riverbank Motorcycles
Unit 12, Riverbank Business Park, Dyehouse Lane, E3 2TB
Tel - 020 3376 8895

They do an emissions test for £175, the result of which is accepted by TfL

Your bike is likely to pass as I heard that a Yamaha RD350LC recently passed their emissions test with flying colours.
If a 1980s madcap two stroke can pass then I guess yours has a pretty good chance :lol:

Here's an MCN article on the matter:

https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/201 ... ulez-test/

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