Boxer Cup & Alt-Berg boots.

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Boxer Cup & Alt-Berg boots.

Postby Neil178 » Mon Jul 11, 2022 4:30 pm

Bought back in the day, ‘99 I think. They are the blue and white boxercup colours used in the support racing series. Randy Mamola stylee size 9/43.
I only wore them for a short while as the fitting is too narrow for my feet to be comfortable. A few marks here and there. The white insides have yellowed with age somewhat. Of course they are still usable if you so wished, but i think the most likely use is to stick them on a shelf next to your Boxercup bike as an ornament.
What are they worth? No idea, but I have to say a price. Talk to me about £30?

I also have a pair of Alt-Berg ‘Sky Walk’ motorbike boots size 9.
No use for a sports bike as these are chunky to say the least, so best used by an adventure type biker.
There is no zip instead it has Velcro tabs (all good) to secure on the leg. Helpful if you big calfs! They are in very good condition with almost no wear on the soles.
Talk to me around £75. The quality is assured with these.

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