Fool rushing in... on bike mods....

As it says; what you've done to your bike and how it helped make it better.

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Postby Spider » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:45 am

When I was push-bike racing, like most other riders, all my bikes for road, track or TT, were hand-built
So it is only to be expected that they will chop and change bits of equipment to get things just right so they can give their ultimate performance.
Basically their own research & development.
If you are using a motorbike purely for racing then I'd expect the same, but for road use what's the point?
The manufactures have highly qualified design teams, engineers, testing equipment and testers, spend millions of pounds on research and development to make the bikes the best they can to meet various regulations for saftey etc and then some oik comes along and decides that they've got it all wrong and thinks they can improve it.

The only alterations I've ever made to a bike have been cosmetic, performance I leave to the experts.

I recently bought a couple of old CBR 600's, one bog standard and the other with a "go-faster" exhaust on it. I have to say the gf exhaust sounded as though the bike was going to be a road rocket but in fact the bike was gutless compared to the one with stock exhaust so I replaced the gf exhaust with a stock one and now it actually does go like the proverbial rocket.

So basically, if it ain't broke don't fix it :D
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Bog bloody standard 2001 R1100s

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Postby snavetrauts » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:13 pm

I agreed with Throttlemeister.... well for my first years of ownership.....

I think he was basically saying that to change the bars to the top of the yoke was fine tuning to suit the rider, however putting on a superbike handlebar conversion was changing the characteristics and I agreed with him whole heartedly. (hope I am not putting words into his mouth.

HOWEVER.... I have now owned the bike .... fettled it, nursed it, more importantly, loved it and I would hate to see her go.

SO what do I do... my wrists hurt, my back aches.... and I still love the old bird. Get a Spiegler handle bar kit.. simple.

Most of you would probably go out and spend a few bob and get a GS or a Triumph Tiger...BUT Gordon Brown has done his best to shit on my pension (early retirement was my choice but I had no control over the taxmans activities) and I just cannot do that anymore.

Say Ahhhhhhhh!.... No just do what you can with the bike and enjoy.

my 6p

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Postby doghouse » Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:21 am

snavetrauts wrote:
SO what do I do... my wrists hurt, my back aches.... and I still love the old bird. Get a Spiegler handle bar kit.. simple.

For what its worth, I changed my R1100s to a handlebar conversion after a prolapsed disc in my back severly curtailed my riding. The conversion has meant I can now ride for extended periods without wrist and back ache even in traffic, which used to be unbarable. You will need a slightly taller screen than standard to prevent wind blast at motorway speeds.

As for the rest of the pro/against mods brigade.............who cares, its your bike, so do what suits you. As long as you don't do anything un reversable you wont damage the resale value if thats an issue.
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Postby Royalecosse » Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:48 pm

8) I simply love my 1100SS in red and could not see any other bike I wanted. Unfortunately some mods were in order (Vario screen, high bars, normal rear suspension and centre stand) so that
a my feet could touch the ground (more than before at least!)
b my back did not give up
c I could check the oil level and keep it level

OK a tourer might have been better - but I did not want a full tourer! and thanks for Boxertrix members out there who helped with the centre stand and rear suspension

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Postby Mister C (Marsh) » Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:00 pm


Wow they do look comfortable, can Ibe rude and ask how much the conversion cost, im quite tempted.

Cheers Marsh
er, mmmmm I'll think of something funny soon.

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Postby Big Tav » Thu May 07, 2015 4:45 pm

What about putting a 190 rear on a R1200S that has the stock 180? Is that an improvement? Is that just a bolt on job? I suppose you have to have the right hugger too or it might not fit.

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Postby Abbadon50 » Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:10 pm

If we were all the same, there would only be one bike available. In the seventies Kawasaki made fast bikes with rubber frames, Ducati made engines from scrap metal. Bikes have evolved since, and amazingly people have as well (although it isn't always obvious) The point is that everyone has their own ideas of what makes a bike "Ideal". If you have a bike and want to adapt it to suit you, go for it you can only make it different, not an Austin allegro. Manufacturers even make accessories for their own bikes so they must know that their models aren't perfect for everyone.
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