r12s de-cat choice

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r12s de-cat choice

Postby yinyang » Thu Jun 02, 2022 7:51 am

Hi guys, I have 100% std r12s 25k miles.
I have a used straight through Remus head system in the post to me and a standard header system with the cat removed.
I also have a rapid bike easy dongle ready to install.

I want a bit more noise so that I can hear downshifts and any extra torque that might be available.

Which should I install, straight through remus headers, no balance pipe and std end can
or, Std but de-catted headers and std end can.

The rapid bike easy dongle is going to be installed at the same time.
Appreciate any guidance from those of you who have spent too many weekends fiddling with bikes ;)

BTW I have harpic and scouring pads for the obligatory attempt at cleaning the systems.
Thanks in advance and apologies to any "keep it standard" fundamentalists out there.
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