No clock or dash lights - faults fixed for info only.

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No clock or dash lights - faults fixed for info only.

Postby Pete. » Sun Sep 25, 2022 3:32 pm

I had my bike stolen a few weeks ago and got my bike back but after fixing the damage (front frame, top yoke, ignition barrel) I found that I had no dash lights or clock.

I stripped the dash down and found that the dash lights did not work because every dash backlight bulb was blown - so nothing to do with the theft damage just that the bulbs had gone out over summer and I didn't notice.

I tested the clock and found it to be working so followed the wires back to the plug. Putting power into the plug lit the clock up. What had happened was the pin feeding power into the socket in the plastic enclosure had corroded and snapped. The broken pin was embedded in the socket but it pulled out easily enough.

The plug and socket are simple to strip down just pop the cover off then release any pin you want to remove by pressing the metal tab. Once out I managed to solder a piece of solid copper wire, suitably tinned, to the crimped end and re-insert it back into the hole it came out of. Plugged the dash i and the clock is now working.

To light the dash I robbed the bulbs from the ABS/brake fail warning lights. The dash has these bulbs but because my bike is non-ABS the socket feeding those two pins (10 and 11) is empty so they will never illuminate. Of course, I need more than two bulbs so I have ordered some LED one but those two will do for now at least I can read the speedo in the dark.

Just for info, here is the pinout diagram I made as part of the above:

dash pinouts.jpg
dash pinouts.jpg (217.86 KiB) Viewed 6520 times

Another thing to note is that the fuses on my bike do not correspond with the manual. I guess that the manual is for the earlier models and they changed the fuse setup for my 2004 bike. So far, I have not found a fusebox schematic that matches my 8 fuses.

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